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  • Jeffrey Stern, Chair
    Term Expires: February 8, 2024
  • Ruth Wells, Vice Chair
    Term Expires: November 28, 2025
  • Mark Porterfield, Secretary
    Term Expires: June 14, 2024
  • Victor Drapala, Member 
    Term Expires: June 27, 2025 
  • Kecia Palmer-Cousins, Member  
    Term Expires: October 11, 2025 
  • Gregory Schondelmeier, Member  
    Term Expires: October 11, 2025
  • Blanca Villa, Member 
    Term Expires: September 11, 2025



Pursuant to Section C198, City Planning of the City of Peekskill Charter, the Planning Commission shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the Common Council, of whom not more than four shall be members of the same political party.

It shall be the duty of the Planning Commission:

  1. To formulate and advise the Common Council and the City Manager in regard to plans for the development of the city, the improving of its physical appearance and the increasing of its beauty, healthfulness and safety.
  2. To prepare and change the Comprehensive Plan for the development of the entire area of the city and to adopt and amend the same from time to time as required by law.
  3. To advise the Common Council and the City Manager with regard to all zoning changes, changes in the city map and proposed public buildings, streets, bridges, parks, other public works, transit routes and utility franchises, with special reference to their conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.
  4. To develop and recommend to the Common Council a comprehensive plan for the proper zoning of the city and amendments thereto from time to time.
  5. To submit to the City Manager annually, not later than the first day of August, a list of recommended capital improvements specifically related to the Comprehensive Plan or planning issues which in the opinion of the Commission are necessary or desirable to be constructed during the forthcoming year period. Such list shall be arranged in order of preference so far as may be, with recommendations as to which projects should be constructed, commenced or advanced during the coming year. Such list shall be published twice in the official paper or papers and shall be placed on file in the office of the Clerk as a matter of public record.
  6. To exercise all the powers enumerated in Article 3 of the General City Law, as amended.
  7. To promote public interest in and understanding of the Comprehensive Plan and of planning and zoning as aids to the proper development of the city as a wholesome place in which to live and work.
  8. To perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Common Council.

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