DEC Community Air Screen Program

The Community Air Screen (CAS) program is spearheaded by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and is purposed to better understand toxic air pollutants at the community level with the help of local community groups and interested citizens. DEC received 18 applications for the CAS program and accepted 11 for participation, including the City of Peekskill. During the summer and fall of 2017, four 1-hour air samples were obtained in the city of Peekskill and analyzed for toxic air pollutants. All results were evaluated for potential air quality concerns. The CAS program results for the City concluded that all results are well below the short-term health-based air concentration values and therefore are not considered an immediate public health concern. The results also are below the long-term health-based air concentration values or similar to concentrations found in DEC's ambient air monitoring network. In conclusion, the sampling conducted by Peekskill's Conservation Advisory Council and its partnering groups did not identify anything unusual that would warrant follow-up sampling.

View a copy of the full City of Peekskill - Community Air Screen Program Report (2018) (PDF).