DP 49 LLC - 5 John E Walsh Boulevard

Spins Hudson, Fin and Brew Restaurant, River Outpost Brewing

  • Project Name: DP 49 LLC - 5 John E Walsh Boulevard
  • Project Location: Improvements to 5 John E Walsh Boulevard to provide for a multi-tenanted commercial and retail facility and marina complex
  • Financial Assistance: Mortgage recording and sales tax exemption
  • Total Project Cost: $2,940,000
  • Supplemental Project Information (PDF)
  • Applicant: DP 49, LLC, 333 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, New York 10595


The Agency previously entered into an Amended and Restated Lease Agreement dated October 31, 2014, wherein the Agency has leased the land and existing improvements at 5 John E Walsh Boulevard to DP 49, LLC.

In 2015, the Agency accepted an Application for Financial Assistance from DP 49, LLC, for a proposed development project at 5 John E Walsh Boulevard The applicant has requested financial assistance from the Agency in the form of a Sales and Use Tax Exemption and a Mortgage Recording Tax Exemption. A Public Hearing was held on December 9, 2015. The Agency adopted the Project Authorizing Resolution on March 17, 2016.

The Project consists of the construction and reconfiguration of the existing improvements to accommodate mixed-use commercial, retail, and recreational tendencies to provide for a multi-tenanted commercial and retail facility and marina complex, including, but not limited to internal building improvements, minor building additions, including entrance addition, balcony and decking improvements, and external site improvements including landscaping, parking, curbing, marina and recreational improvements.

The project closed on May 11, 2016. In 2017, the multi-functional event space, The Factoria, was completed. The Factoria is home to River Outpost Brewing Company craft brewery, Fin and Brew restaurant, an event space, a full-service kitchen, and a 40,000 square foot entertainment center, Spins Hudson. Spins Hudson includes an indoor and outdoor aerial ropes course, which includes more than 70 elements, from climbing bars and zip lines to balance beams activities, two-story laser tag, shuffleboard, bocce, and a 5,000 square foot arcade. The project is complete.