Historic Preservation Advisory Commission


The Historic Preservation Advisory Commission which shall consist of seven members to be appointed by the Common Council. All members of the Commission shall be residents of the City of Peekskill and shall serve on the Commission without compensation. The Commission shall meet as necessary and, in any event, at least once per year.

The Historic Preservation Advisory Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. To review and research historical records of the City of Peekskill in order to create booklets, pamphlets and other education guides on the history of Peekskill.
  2. To perform such inventories as are necessary to identify unique historical sites, structures, viewscapes, and artifacts of local and regional significance.
  3. To sponsor or support activities which promote the understanding of Peekskill's past.
  4. To sponsor historic-preservation-oriented fund-raising activities through conducting special events such as walking tours, open houses, and sales of booklets which the Commission had produced.
  5. To apply for funding through grants in order to conduct these activities.
  6. To work with other state, county, and local historic preservation agencies towards the goal of promoting and preserving the City's and region's rich cultural heritage.

Peekskill Code - Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (PDF)