216 South Division Street LLC

  • Project Name: 216 South Division Street LLC
  • Project Location: 216 South Division Street, Peekskill, New York 10566
  • Financial Assistance: Mortgage recording tax exemption and state and local sales tax exemption
  • Total Cost Related to Project for sales and use tax exemption: $2,850,000
  • Total Cost Related to Project for Mortgage Recording Tax Exemption: $5,156,250
  • Applicant: 216 South Division Street LLC, 10 Julia Lane, Suite 103, Cold Spring, NY 10516
  • Supplemental Project Information (PDF)


The project consists of the demolition of a vacant residential structure and the planning, design, construction, and operation of an approximately 27,000 square feet 3-story mixed-use facility comprised of 21 market-rate apartment units and approximately 2,300 square feet of commercial space along with related site improvements, access and egress improvements, utility improvements, signage, curbage, sidewalks, and landscaping improvements and the acquisition of and installation in and around the existing improvements and improvements by the company of machinery, equipment, fixtures and other items of tangible personal property. The project closed on April 16, 2021.