Trap Neuter Return Program

In an effort to effectively and humanely control the community cat population, the city has successfully used the TNR method over the last 5 years. Trap-Neuter-Return benefits the cats and the neighborhood. Other approaches for feral cats just don't work. All of the feral and abandoned cats are spayed or neutered~ rabies vaccinated and ear tipped (the universal symbol of a neutered and vaccinated cat). Back in their outdoor home, they will not reproduce. Once neutered all the disruptive mating behaviors of loud fighting and foul male urine odor subside as well as no more kittens.

How You Can Help

Contact 914-815-1107 if you are feeding any cats in the neighborhood or surrounding area. The more we know about where the cats eat and spend their time, the more successful we'll be. Please do not wait until you see kittens to call for help. As soon as you put down food for a cat the next action is to call the above number. Please be assured that no harm will come to the cats and there will be no retribution to the feeders as long as there is cooperation with the TNR method.

Spay Neuter Return Program Information (PDF)