Peekskill Police Reform Taskforce

In response to Governor Andrew Cuomo's Executive Order 203, the City of Peekskill is forming a Police Reform Task Force and invites community involvement and input.

Cuomo's executive order, coming in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, orders City Managers and Police Chiefs to draft reform plans in consultation with the communities they serve. Each police agency's reform plan must address policies, procedures, practices and deployment, including but not limited to use of force, and address issues of racial disparities wherever they exist. The reform plan must incorporate community comments, involve diverse stakeholders, and be adopted by the City Council by April 1, 2021 to be eligible for future state funding for police.

This webpage provides information about the Taskforce.

Email the Task Force for public comment. 

Other Documents & Information

Draft Plan for Public Comment

Taskforce Documents (Working List)

In addition to the Resources and Readings found in the Police Taskforce Plan, the Taskforce will post documents of interest to its work below.

The Police Taskforce Memo is a working document that provides essential background information on the project. The Taskforce Plan will become more detailed over time.