Office of Emergency Management

City of Peekskill Office of Emergency ManagementPeekskill's Emergency Management Office (PEMO) staff consists of a team of professionals under the Direction of the City of Peekskill's Police Department and Lt. Leo Dylewski. PEMO has a team of Emergency Managers who are on call 24 hours a day and respond to various incidents through out the city and evaluate the level of additional response needed. 

In addition, PEMO has an Emergency Response Teams that when needed responds to emergencies in the city such as residential structure fires to ensure that residents have post-incident shelter and related disaster services, in addition this team staffs PEMO's Inter-Agency Mobile Command Post operations. 


The staff of PEMO meets weekly to plan for upcoming city events, review city wide plans, train, create table top drills, meet with representatives of the County, State Emergency Management Officials (SEMO) and FEMA in addition to local and private sector representatives. This weekly interaction ensures that PEMO stays current and ready to respond at a moments notice.

PEMO also performs regular outreach to various sectors of the community assisting with emergency planning and staff development. PEMO runs the only KI mail order program in the Indian Point 10 mile EPZ to ensure that KI is available all who request it. PEMO also runs the Peekskill Emergency Notification System (PENS) and a sister program on Twitter to notify the public of information via email and text messages. These messages include: emergency weather alerts, road closings, water main breaks, and other important information. While PENS is a valuable tool it is not a replacement for customary news media outlets.

PEMO also provides support for non-emergent operations such as Inter-Agency Command Post operations at the January Peek 10K Race, the 4th of July Fireworks and the Peekskill Celebration. PEMO's Mobile Command Unit has the ability to communicate with multiple local, county, state and federal agencies and coordinate response between the various organizations all while maintain computerized data tracking and video when needed.

Henry Hudson Celebration

PEMO was recently requested through the NYS Governor's Office to assist the U.S. Coast Guard with Command Post operations during the Henry Hudson 400 Celebration on June 6th and 7th, 2009. PEMO followed the flotilla from the NYC boarder to Beacon NY and provided support for the U.S. Coast Guard and Command Vessels. 

For more information, check out our informational flyer (PDF)