Cultural Heritage Tourism Strategic Plan (2011)

Civil War Monument Peekskill New YorkThe City of Peekskill has engaged the firm Fairweather Consulting to assist the City in developing a Cultural Heritage Tourism Strategic Plan. This initiative which was started in September 2010, was completed in June 2011.

Cultural Heritage Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the tourism industry. The National Trust for Historic Preservation defines Cultural Heritage Tourism as traveling to experience the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. It includes cultural, historic, and natural resources. The City of Peekskill is a place rich in the elements of a cultural and heritage tourist destination. (The Civil War Monument at the corner of N Division Street and Highland Avenue is seen in the picture on this page). As part of the process in developing the Plan, Fairweather Consulting and their team worked with the Department of Planning and Development in seeking the contribution of thoughts, ideas, and experiences through public meetings, smaller group gatherings, one-on-one interviews and social networking websites. Some of Fairweather's responsibilities included an analysis of our existing and proposed tourism venues; research local and regional data to determine the city's targeted market; and the development of a theme that completely and persuasively captures the appeal of the City in a cultural heritage tourism experience.

This plan will enable the City and its stakeholders to leverage the existing and proposed cultural heritage tourism attractions and venues for the greatest economic return, without negatively impacting the quality of life expected by our residents.

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