Downtown Parking & Signage Recommendations (2018)

The City of Peekskill continues to experience growth in its downtown population, art, dining and entertainment uses, and overall activity base. This sustained interest and attraction in Peekskill's music, art, entertainment, and recreational venues necessitated the opportunity to re-evaluate and reallocate parking resources among existing facilities to better accommodate residents, visitors, workers, and patrons to downtown establishments particularly during peak activity periods. As such, the City of Peekskill engaged in professional services with Nelson\Nygaard, a specialized transportation planning firm, to conduct a data-intensive investigation to establish accurate baseline parking counts, utilization and turnover rates, and a complete signage inventory to ultimately produce recommendations for both parking and signage in the Downtown users (the "Project").

The Project is an 'inventory-to-recommendation' program that includes permits, metered spaces, lots, on-street parking, parking garage facilities, and signage that results in a comprehensive parking utilization, circulation, and navigation program for Downtown residents, employees, and other patrons. The Project concluded in the development of short- and long-term implementation recommendations to guide strategic changes of parking resource allocation and develop a comprehensive communications plan for directional and wayfinding signage over the next several years.

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