Peekskill Agencies Together (P.A.T)

Peekskill Agencies Together (P.A.T.) is a community coalition that aims to reduce youth substance use. Funded by the DFC (Drug-Free Communities) Federal Grant, P.A.T. seeks to collaborate with local agencies, organizations, and individuals in order to create a safe, happy, and healthy community in which our youth can grow and prosper.

P.A.T. looks to work together with the schools, local government, business community, law enforcement agencies, media, religious organizations, civic and volunteer groups, youth-serving organizations, healthcare professionals, organizations involved in reducing substance abuse, parents, and youth.

The P.A.T. Coalition understands that prevention work extends beyond simply telling our youth to stay away from alcohol and other drugs...

  • It is reducing the ability of youth in our community to access alcohol and other drugs;
  • It is ensuring that youth and parents alike are provided with sufficient and relevant information;
  • It is affirming and recognizing the youth that participates in positive activities;
  • It is strengthening community bonds and increasing community collaboration;

P.A.T. meets on a monthly basis, in different member locations. Meetings take place on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:30 pm.