Personnel Complaint

Maintaining a high level of trust between a community and its police department is a vital component to effective law enforcement.

Employees of The City of Peekskill Police Department must be aware of the rights of all people, and retain the ability to use their best judgment while enforcing the law in a manner that is fair and impartial, without fear of reprisal or undue criticism.

It is therefore the policy of the City of Peekskill Police Department to accept any and all personnel complaints from citizens that are lodged at our Police Headquarters main desk. In addition, we will also accept complaints via U.S. Mail or email. All complaints that are received will be given the proper attention and thoroughly investigated.

The purpose of the personnel complaint process is to provide for a proper and effective investigation of all complaints, resulting in corrective actions when appropriate. It is not to demoralize employees of the department in the performance of their duties as the process will also allow for the protection from and support against unjust allegations.

Furthermore, the purpose of this process is to ensure that the integrity of the police department is upheld by a prompt and thorough investigation of actual or alleged misconduct.

The following answers are provided to commonly asked questions regarding the complaint process:

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Individuals wishing to file a formal written complaint may do so by picking up a personnel complaint form at the Peekskill Police Department or electronically.