May 2019 - Cooking Classes, TIPS Program, Pizza Party, Spring into Summer BBQ, & Nutrition Trivia

May was an eventful month for the Senior and Nutrition Programs, and our attendees enjoyed a wide variety of activities.

The seniors started attending our first-ever session of cooking classes held at the Hudson Valley Hospital's teaching kitchen at the end of April and continued throughout May. For more information on the program's launch, you can read the article linked below:

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital Page

Tuesday, May 7th

Another service that began for our seniors was the launch of TIPS (Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors). Many of the participants signed up with qualified professionals to have their health and vitals monitored on a regular basis. Read the March announcement from Westchester County!

Friday, May 24th

We held our annual "Spring Into Summer" BBQ before the Memorial Day Weekend, and as always, managed to completely pack our room with happy attendees!

Wednesday, May 29th

For this month's birthday party, we received a visit from the county dietician, Theresa George, who hosted a lively and engaging trivia contest! All the seniors won by receiving a Memorial Day-themed snack: Wheat thins with red strawberries, white goat cheese, and blue....berries! (The green kiwi fruit slices were a bonus.)

View a photo gallery of all these events!