Section 8

About the Program

The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program is a Federally-funded program created to assist lower income individuals and families in obtaining safe and decent housing, enabling these households to live and work within the City of Peekskill. Under the Section 8 Program, the City assists the tenant by making a monthly payment to the landlords on behalf of the eligible tenant. This payment constitutes the difference between the tenant's payment and the maximum rent allowable by the Federal government for the apartment (usually close to the fair market rent for the unit). For more information please contact the Section 8 Office at 914-734-4216.

Appointments & Assigned Workers

Our office is by appointment only. If you need an appointment to drop off paperwork or to speak with your assigned worker, please make sure to contact your assigned Program Specialist as listed below:

Group 1

If your last name begins with A-Pa, your assigned Program Specialist is:

Mr. A. Henry
Phone Number: 914-293-8303
Email A Henry

Group 2

If your last name begins with Pe-Z, or you live at the following addresses in Peekskill listed below, your assigned Program Specialist is Mrs. J. Kemp:

  • 901 Main Street - 907 Main Street, Peekskill, NY 10566
  • 100 Ringgold Street, Peekskill, NY 10566
  • 801 South Street, Peekskill, NY 10566

Mrs. J.Kemp
Phone Number: 914-293-8354
Email J. Kemp

Questions About Current Move or Port

If you have a question about a current move or port, please contact the Section 8 Coordinator, Mrs. N Brooks.

All port billings should be emailed to N. Brooks.
Phone Number: 914-734-4107


Currently our Waitlist is closed. When we open the waitlist, it will be posted on the City of Peekskill Website with a link for all to apply. Please make sure to continue to check our website for updates or information on the opening of the waitlist.

If you are a current waitlist applicant and would like a status update, please visit our Section 8 Waitlist Information Tab on our webpage to check the status or fill out the Waitlist Update Form to be mailed to our office. We will respond in writing with your updated status on our list once we receive the form. You can also write us a letter inquiring about your waitlist status on our list.