Parking Tickets & Violations

City of Peekskill Parking TicketsParking Tickets: This function is responsible for the collection of parking fines. The tickets are issued by the Police Department and then entered on an off-site system. Payments are entered to the corresponding ticket number. If someone would like to appeal the ticket, they can by appealing in front of the hearing officer on the date listed on the ticket. For more information, contact this office at 914-734-4109 voice, 914-734-4113 fax.

Hearing Dates

To plead not guilty, please call 914-734-4108 to make an appointment at the next available Parking Violations Hearing.

Pay a Ticket Online

In order to pay a citation online, you will be required to pay all outstanding tickets.

This service is provided by the city to avoid the lines at City Hall when wanting to pay a citation.

Follow the directions and complete the transaction for paying your fine.