Do I Need A Permit?

The question most often asked is "Do I need a permit for…?" Well, that is a good question. In residential and most Commercial areas, City ordinances require a permit for any work involving the cutting away of any part of a wall or partition, any work involving the structure, any work involving exits, any change of use of space, and any work involving piping, electrical work, and mechanical equipment.

Other miscellaneous improvements that require permits are fences, sheds, satellite dishes, solar, street openings, curb cuts, sidewalk repairs, etc. Visit our forms center for applications and fee schedules.

If you are in doubt, ask the Building Inspector to determine if a permit is required. Only the Building Inspector can make this determination.

All City of Peekskill residents and contractors should be aware that penalties are imposed for work started without an appropriate permit (building/plumbing/HVAC) and for any legalization of an existing structure built without the benefit of the appropriate permit.

As a reminder, almost any type of work requires a permit. If you are not sure, please call the Building Department at 914-734-4140 to see if any permit is required.

Why is a permit required? Here's why:

The Building Department protects you from inferior construction.

The end result of construction or alteration work without a permit is the creation of fire and health hazards and a general downgrade of structures and property in the Village.

So, please, do your part…

  • Be Safe.
  • Secure a Building Permit
  • Call for Inspections
  • Secure a Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance