Building / Code Enforcement

Department Overview and Mission

The Building Department has 1 Building Inspector, 2 Assistant Building Inspectors,1 Plumbing Inspector, 1 Code Enforcement Officer, and 1 Senior Office Assistant. The Department issues permit pertaining to Buildings, Driveways, Fences, Signs, etc. (other permits which can be viewed and downloaded from this website). To close out a building permit or sell a home, a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy, as applicable, will also be issued by this department. The Building Department inspects all new construction, alterations, and additions and also performs code enforcement and fire/safety inspections for residential and commercial property. You may also call 914-734-4140 if you would like to speak directly with a staff member.

Our Mission is to serve the residents, the community, and the visitors of the City of Peekskill by increasing the quality of life and protecting health, safety, and welfare, through education and the fair and effective application of local codes and ordinances to all properties within the City.


There is now a Complaint Form for any and all Complaints, in regards to Building and Code related issues, to the Building Department. This form can be found on the forms page or click the link to the right. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the Building Department. All Complaints are handled in the order they are received and based on their seriousness and the availability of an Inspector.

General Information

  • The building department is open by appointment only - no walk-in appointments will be allowed you must contact an inspector for an appointment
    • Leave the inspector a message or email, and they will contact you at their earliest convenience (usually within 24 hours)
    • Inspectors' phone numbers and email are listed in the feature column
  • Applications for projects are only being accepted by mail or you may drop off your completed application at the drop boxes located at city hall
  • Incomplete applications will be returned -
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received and can take up to two weeks to process
  • All foil requests must go through the city clerk's office.
  • Foil requests must be very specific and are subject to .25 cents per page for copies
  • No in-person viewing of property folders can take place
  • The Building Department has created a hybrid inspection process for the certificate of occupancy
  • Once the application is received it is assigned to an inspector who will review the application, property folder, and property history
  • A virtual inspection may be granted if there are no open permits, violations, or complaints
  • An in-person inspection will be required for any property with open permits, open violations, or complaints
  • All commercial, business, or multi-family properties will require an in-person inspection
  • A building inspector will contact you on how to proceed for co's