Property Cards / Data & Tax Maps 

PDF copies of Peekskill's property cards and tax maps (by section) are available through the Westchester County GIS Department's Municipal Tax Parcel Viewer webpage.

Instructions To Access Property Cards:

  1. Accept the disclaimer.
  2. Check the red font in the upper right to verify that you are searching Peekskill.
  3. Enter search criteria. You can search by address, section/block/lot, or owner name.
  4. Click on the map and drag it until you can see the information balloon in full.
  5. For the property card, click on the blue link and the PDF of the card should open up (see disclaimer below).

Important note: The data on the Tax Parcel Viewer is from 2010. The property cards were scanned around 2006. For current owner information, you need to verify this in the City's Property Database (RPSV4).

Tax Maps:

Every parcel has a unique Tax map ID number made up of a Section, Block and Lot. The Tax maps are complied in order by Section below.                                 Example: For Tax map ID #33.29 1-4, search for file Section 33.29.

Adobe Support

All of our data sheets use Adobe Reader. Please download the latest version from Adobe's website.