Corporation Counsel

The Corporation Counsel's Office is in charge of, and conducts all of the legal business of the municipal corporation which is the City of Peekskill. They represent the elected and the administrative officials, City employees and the City government in general in all legal matters, as well as advise Mayor and Council, the City Manager and all City Departments; draft legislation, negotiate labor issues, real estate transactions and various other contracts. From time to time the Corporation Counsel's Office is asked to draft legal opinions on matters of legal concern to the elected officials, executive and administrative officers.

The Law Department is headed by the Corporation Counsel who is the legal advisor to the Common Council and to each officer, department, bureau, board and commission of the City. The department furnishes such advice and assistance as counsel and attorney, both in and out of court, as may be necessary.

The City of Peekskill City Charter establishes the basic framework for defining the roles and responsibilities of the Corporation Counsel.