City Services / Department of Public Works (DPW)

The Department of Public Works in Peekskill provides a variety of vital services to the residents it serves. This Department includes the Water, Building and Engineering Departments.

City of Peekskill Truck DriverPublic Works provides refuse collection, snow plowing, street cleaning, maintenance of sanitary sewers and storm drains and maintains the street pavement of the City. Other services include streetlight and traffic signal maintenance, parking lot maintenance, and the administration of the recycling program. Sanitation is another major responsibility of the department. About 13,125 tons of garbage each year is picked up and disposed of. 4,100 tons per year of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, glass metal and plastic are similarly handled

The Engineering Department provides technical assistance and inspection services on Public Works projects. This department ties in with the Building Department in assisting with plan review.

Highway Operations: Reports of potholes, debris in the road, non-functioning streetlights or traffic signals, problems with sewers or defective City-owned trees are answered at 914-734-4130. After business hours, emergency calls regarding Public Works functions will be answered at 914-734-4186.

Peekskill Recycles: Recycling is an important part of our City's Sanitation Program. Peekskill is among the top recycling communities in Westchester County. With your help, we will continue this record, which will also provide important savings in tax dollars. Recycling is also the law and failure to comply with City Codes will result in the issuances of summonses that could range from $25 to $1000 a day. Please review the brochure for the regulations governing recycling and how items are to be prepared for collection.

Refuse Collection: The City of Peekskill is divided into two Sanitation Districts; the East side and West side. The collection schedules for each district are provided in our brochure. As a reminder, the City does not collect grass clippings. You can bring limited amounts of garbage and trash to the Highway Garage on Louisa Street, on Saturday mornings from 9 am to noon.

Leaf Collection: The City's Annual Leaf Collection Schedule is in our brochure. Residents may sweep leaves to the curbside only during the week that their street is scheduled for collection. Placing leaves on City streets at all other times is in violation of City Codes.

Snow Removal: From December 1 through April 15, the City's Snow Removal Ordinance is in effect. This includes the Alternate Side of the Street Parking Policy. Parking Regulations are indicated on street signs. A helpful "parking rule of thumb" to use during the winter Snow Season is that if there is no sign authorizing parking, then parking overnight on a City street is not permitted.