Animal Control

Cats in Animal ShelterThe City of Peekskill Animal Control Officer is a constituted peace officer for the purpose of enforcing the terms and provisions of the Agriculture and Markets Law and all Local Laws and Ordinances pertaining to or prohibiting the running at large of dogs or other proscribed matters with respect to animals in the City of Peekskill.

The Animal Control Officer shall be under the immediate supervision and control of the Chief of Police for the City of Peekskill and shall perform such other duties of a special officer as the Chief of Police may direct. This may include but not be limited to the enforcement of other City Ordinances when not working in the capacity of the Animal Control Officer.

Some of the Work that the Animal Control Officer does is not limited to:

  • The ACO will seize all dogs running at large or not licensed.
  • Collect fees, receipting all transactions, and turning receipts and fees over to the Finance Department.
  • Do not accept any owned animal for the SPCA that is:
    • Over 4 years of age
    • Sick (discharge from nose or mouth)
    • Pregnant
    • Injured in any way
    • Skin disorder (hair missing)
    • History of bites or overly vicious
  • You may take dogs or cats in from their owner but the person must pay the donation fee as set forth by the SPCA.
    • Donation Fee: A receipt must be completed, one copy to the payee, the other attached to the envelope containing the money. The money and receipt will be forwarded to the Finance Department which will handle the fees in the manner governed by the contract in existence between the City and the SPCA.
  • Wildlife problems will also be handled by the ACO with the assistance of an assigned Police Officer.
    • Sick Wildlife: When an animal is determined to be sick (distemper, rabid, etc.) by the ACO or Police Officer, a sergeant is to be summoned with the tranquilizer rifle. See SOP 4.5-Tranquilizer Rifle.
    • Problem Wildlife: The ACO will provide a list of referral services for wildlife services and will call and assist these agencies when necessary. A copy of the list will be kept posted in the Communications Center.